My name is Juuso Mikkonen. I am a 25-year-old software developer with a passion for well-written code and good coffee. I write software for fun and to pay the bills. I have a M.Sc. degree in CS from Aalto University in Finland.


Here's a quick look to some technologies and programming languages I am familiar with. The short listing doesn't cover all of my skills but gives a little taste of what to expect. I'm always ready to learn something new!
Disclaimer: Given the pace of advancement happening in the field, there's a good chance the list isn't quite up to date as you are reading. Ask for more!

Web development

I have a solid background in modern web development with HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. I try to keep up with th rapidly changing tehnologies and enjoy working with modern frontend tech.


I have plenty of experience working with Javascript both client and server side. I'm familiar with Node.js, React, Express and others. Lately I've been doing lot of work with React + Redux. Also, Typescript is cool!


I have some experience working with Python in the context of small programs and scripts. I've done some work with Django web framework. Python can be a lot of fun, though I prefer a more functional approach.


I have good basic skills in Java, including version 8. As for other JVM languages, I've also worked with Scala and Clojure (and done some simple scripting with Groovy).


I have some experience with Ruby, mostly in the context of Rails and Jekyll. I've published a plugin for creating AMP pages in Jekyll.

C / C++

While low level programming isn't propably my strongest suit, I've done my share of C and C++ programming. I'm not afraid of raw pointers or dynamic memory management.

Functional programming

Lambdas are fun! I enjoy functional programming and have spent good time tinkering with languages like Clojure, OCaml and Haskell. I try to put FP concepts to use in real world applications when possible.


I have a basic knowlegde of SQL relational database syntax, operations and abstractions. I'm nost familiar with PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite relational DBs. I've also worked with NoSQL databases, mostly MongoDB and Amazon DynamoDB.


I have good skills working with UNIX/Linux systems. I'm well familiar with Amazon Web Services, especially EC2, EBS and DynamoDB. I can also manage networking protocols (HTTP, TCP/IP, DNS) and tools. I'm good at writing on-point Git commit messages.

Development environment

I am familiar with both UNIX/Linux and Windows-based development environments. I prefer my environment UNIX-based, either Linux or MacOS. My choice of IDE/editor is Visual Studio Code for everyday development, IntelliJ IDEA for Java/JVM projects and Vim for smaller changes. I use Git version control and GitHub for my open source projects.