Today I’m taking a big leap forward with the site and doing something I’ve never done before.

As you propably have guessed at this point, I’m starting a blog. For some time now, I’ve felt that I need a place to write about things I care about (read: rant).

So what’s the blog going to be about? I’ll have to be vague enough to not make any promises but here’s what I’ve been thinking of. I’ll be writing on undefined frequency on topics revolving around programming, software and tech in general.

For the last year or so most of the stuff I’ve worked with has inveloved web development of some degree, all the way from the weird web server that sometimes doesn’t feel like responding to requests to the frontmost of all things frontend (like trying to get the stupid “responsive grid” to behave well enough on all screen sizes from zero to infinity).

As for this year - I don’t know. I feel that some things are about to change. I have a good feeling about the new blog and the new year. I feel that there’s so much to learn, much to teach, much to code, much to debug, much to be frustrated about and hopefully much to write about.

Thanks for reading